introduction to sidoarjo city

lambang kota sidoarjo

my name lukmiarso cahyoadhi from Sidoarjo which is situated in the centre of East Java province, precisely in the south of Surabaya, the capital city of the province. Its population is more than one and a half million. Most of Sidoarjo’s people are employees and businessmen. It is also called a Delta Area because there are three big rivers, Kali Porong, Kali Surabaya, and Kali Brantas and the Madura strait surrounding it. About 29 percent of its area consists of lobster fishing-ponds.

In 1851, it was a part of Surabaya region and its name was not Sidoarjo but Sidokare. It was in 1859, based on the decision of the Dutch East Indies government, thet Sidoarjo was officially declared as an independent region apart from Surabaya. Nowadays, Sidoarjo is a very strategic area for industries and trades which supports the income of the province. The Juanda airport and the biggest bus station in East Java, Purabaya, are geographically located in this city. Furthermore, there are at least 446 large-scale industries with 55.635 employees and 2.053 small-scale industries with 52.864 employees. It absorbs many employees from other regions in the East Java province. The local area income of this region is about 990 billion rupiahs per year. However, as an industrial city, the cost of living in Sidoarjo is quite cheap and easily managed. With regard to opportunities in the business sector development, it is a very good choice to invest in developing some home industries which have local, national, and international market.

There are also many things to see in Sidoarjo. There are 3 beautiful beaches, Kepetingan, Pucukan, and Gesik Cemandi, 7 unique temples and many other public spaces enabling you have recreation. It is possible to come to annual activities, such as Petik Laut in Gesik beach in the month of August or Nyadran, a very popular term for Javanese to celebrate the coming of Ramadan, in Candi. Watching national football league games at the weekend in the Gelora Delta stadium is also an interesting alternative.

If you like goods made from leather, such as shoes, bags, wallets, and jackets, Sidoarjo is the perfect city to visit. You will be spoiled by a tourist market in Tanggulangin in which you can buy good quality goods at low prices. It is a handicraft centre of the leather industry. Other amenities that you can visit are malls, restaurants, or museums. Finally, it is the best choice of city to visit.


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