Tangulangin Village – The center of Bag & Case Handicraft

Tanggulangin vilage is known as the center of bag, case, shoe, and other handicraft. Laid at + 2 km southward of Sidoarjo city. Most of the Tanggulangin people make those handicraft and sell it to the market till to the whole country. Usually, the consument buy the products by retail and also grocery.
We also can meet the beauty pattern of embroidery and cloth, which had product by the crafteman. They offer its products with lower price and good quality. The consumer can order the products as they want or they can buy the products which have been made available.


~ by sidoarjosaiki on October 21, 2008.

4 Responses to “Tangulangin Village – The center of Bag & Case Handicraft”

  1. helo nice but i think you must give your post a Tags or keywords ( good keyword).So will make a easy for other peoples to find out your blog

  2. makasih mbak atas masukannya.. kedepan berusaha semakin baik.. salam!

  3. Salam,
    Sy denger tanggulangin kena lumpur lapindo, skrg intako masih ditempat yang sama atau pindah? jk Pindah tolong infonya yah. Thq

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